Madre Gregoire, de Courbet (1855)

Madre Gregoire, de Courbet (1855)


Madre Gregoire, de Courbet (1855)


Courbet, Gustave




Información del cuadro del Chicago Art Institue:  "Mère Grégoire is a character from a popular song written in 1820 by French lyricist Pierre Jean Béranger. As described by Béranger, she was the portly proprietress of a Parisian brothel. In this painting Courbet represented the madame behind a counter, negotiating with an unseen client. With one hand, she offers a tri-colored flower, a symbol of love and possibly an allusion to French Republican politics. (The red, white, and blue of the flower match the colors of the French flag.) Her other hand, open and expectant of payment, rests on a ledger. The madame will sell the “flower” for money and then ring the small bell to call over a female companion for the client."


Óleo sobre tela. 129 x 97.5 cm.


Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Il, USA. Encontrado el 7 de marzo, 2017.

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